Brandon Lee Adams is an up and coming artist from the mountains, hills, and valleys of Appalachia. Tracing his musical roots from traditional gospel music all the way to Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, and Blues. Never assuming one clear path or direction but moving where the music leads.

Recordings  with iconic artists like Tony Rice, Carl Jackson, and Scott Vestal. Along with appearing on two Grammy nominated albums and one IBMA award winning album "Celebration of Life."  Brandon has laid a solid foundation for a long career.

Always looking to bring music that is "From a real place inside of me." Lyrics and melody are always at the root of every note. Seeing himself more as a story teller who happens to play an instrument. Finding no comfort in any kind of a box. Listening to everything and holding only to what "stays". Brandon is on a path with no defined end.

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Time That I Was Leavin' Music Video

Quotes and Reviews

"Someone with their own voice" Tony Rice


"Brandon is a beast of a guitarist" Carl Jackson


Fretboard Journal Video and Review


"Songwriting from the heart. Masterful Playing" Ronny Cox